The Frank J. Selke Trophy is awarded to the top defensive forward, the three finalists are Bergeron, Kopitar, and Toews.

Putting my LA Kings bias aside, I honestly believe Kopitar will win the Selke Trophy this season.

Anze Kopitar:

  • Played all 82 games
  • Had more Points than the other two finalists
  • Had more Ice Time
  • Higher Goals for Percentage
  • Higher Goals for Percentage relative to team’s Goals for Percentage when player is not on the ice (GF% rel.)

Kopitar’s GF% rel. of +20.1% is insane. To break it down, basically when Kopitar was on the ice (when teams were on 5 vs. 5) the LA Kings scored 56 goals and only allowed 25 goals. When Kopitar was off the ice (when teams were on 5 vs. 5) the LA Kings scored 75 goals but allowed 78 goals. Kopitar brought some defense to the ice.

Due to East Coast Bias (yes, it’s real) it wouldn’t surprise me if Bergeron takes the Selke Trophy.  I’m not hating on the other two gentleman, I respect both and they are very good players, wish them luck. I’m just pulling for Kopitar to win.